Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Every recognized college shall create an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) as part of a post-accreditation quality sustenance policy, according to National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) recommendations.

Quality improvement is a never-ending effort, and hence the IQAC becomes an integral part of the institution's system and strives to achieve the institution's quality improvement and maintenance goals.

The IQAC's main goal is to create a mechanism for institutions to enhance their overall performance in a conscious, consistent, and catalytic way.

Providence College of Engineering received NAAC accreditation for the first time in 2022 and the IQAC formed at Providence is still striving to improve processes and setup.


Mechanisms and methods will be developed by the IQAC to:

  • Ensure that academic, administrative, and financial activities are completed in a timely, efficient, and progressive manner.
  • Academic and research programs' relevance and quality
  • Access to and affordability of academic programs for people from all walks of life.
  • Modern teaching and learning methods are being optimised and integrated.
  • Evaluation processes' trustworthiness
  • Ensure that the support structure and services are adequate, well-maintained, and functional.
  • Collaboration with other Indian and international universities on research

The primary functions of the IQAC include:

  • Development and implementation of quality benchmarks and parameters for various academic and administrative activities of the institution
  • Facilitating a learner-centred environment conducive to quality education as well as faculty development to adopt the necessary technology and knowledge to take part in participatory teaching and learning
  • Provide for student, parent and other stakeholder feedback on quality-related institutional processes
  • Dissemination of information about various aspects of higher education quality
  • Organise workshops and seminars related to quality within and between institutions and promote quality circles
  • Documentation of the quality improvement programmes and activities
  • Coordinate quality-related activities, including the adoption and dissemination of best practicesDevelop and maintain institutional databases via MIS for the purpose of maintaining/enhancing institutional quality
  • Developing a quality culture within the institution
  • Prepare and submit the NAAC Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) as per NAAC guidelines and parameters

The functioning of the IQAC will contribute towards:

  • Raising the level of clarity and focus in institutional functioning towards improving quality
  • Internalising the quality culture
  • Incorporating all good practices and enhance coordination between the institution's various activities
  • Improving the functioning of institutions by providing a solid foundation for decision-making
  • Systematically improving quality in HEIs
  • Establishing an organised methodology for documentation and internal communication

IQAC Team Composition

Dr. Santhosh Simon
Management Representative
Nitin Mathew
Executive Director
Coordiantor (IQAC)
Dr. Bibin Vincent
Deputy Coordinator (IQAC)
Dr. Balagopal V
Internal Audit Cell Coordinator
Dr. Libin P Oommen
Industry Representative
Bhasim Bhasheer
Opzet Solutions
Local Society Representative
Member, Ala Panchayat
Department Representative
Rejith S
Civil Engineering
Department Representative
Varsha Sreekumar
Mechanical Engineering
Department Representative
Anju Ajith Cherian
Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Department Representative
Boby Kurian
Electronics & Communication Engineering
Department Representative
Renisha P Salim
Computer Science & Engineering
Department Representative
Dr. Neena Bachan
Science & Humanities
Department Representative
Dr. Arun Gopi
Accreditation Officer
Thomas Mathew
Alumni Representative
Athulya S
2016-2020 Batch
Student Representative
Sona Jacob
2019-2023 Batch
Administration Officer Member
Sunil Kumar
Administration Officer
IEDC Representative
John Jacob
NSS Representative
Manesh VM
Placement Representative
Alex Mathew
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