Department of

Computer Science & Engineering

Computer science degrees deal with the foundations of information and computation, taking a scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications.

Computation is defined as any type of calculation or use of computing technology that follows well-defined models in the practice of information processing.
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Course Options

Computer Science

Artificial Intelligence

Cyber Security

+ IoT + Blockchain Technology

Reasons To Be A Computer Science Engineer


Computerisation of Lifestyles 

Computer science engineers are creating amazing software and hardware that are changing the way we live.


Steady Demand

There is a steady demand for good computer science engineers in almost any and every field.


Diversification Opportunities

The field of computer science offers a plethora of opportunities for diversifying one's career.

Career Opportunities


Learn and build the software that drives the technology of the world today and for the future.


Computer science engineers are deeply involved in the development of hardware across industries and fields.


Data security has become one of the most important needs of the private and public sectors driving the demand for computer engineers.
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