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Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Many modern conveniences have been made possible due to work of some famous electrical engineers like Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison.

An electrical engineering degree will equip students with the engineering skills and technological knowledge needed to design, assess and improve electrical and electronic systems.
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Reasons To Be An Electrical Engineer


The Future Is Electric

Massive investments and growth in renewable clean energy is driving the world towards electric power.



Electrical engineers can easily shift into and work in other fields as power has a role to play everywhere.


Diversified Demand

Electrical engineers are now in demand in almost every sector across industries and disciplines.

Career Opportunities

Energy Sector

The world is moving rapidly towards developing sustainable clean and renewable forms of energy and electric power remains at the top of the list, with plenty of opportunity in the present and foreseeable future for this sector.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are taking over the roads, with most automobile manufacturers making huge strides to move towards a completely electric future, paving the way for the demise of the internal combustion engine in cars.

Intelligent Technology

Electrical engineers have a huge role to play in the growth of robotics, artificial intelligence and intelligent environments. Cities are moving towards smart grids and automation.
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