Department of

Mechanical Engineering

Building a robot, designing an aircraft, building racing cars for a Formula 1 team, nanotechnology, developments in cleaner and more efficient energy use, the study of sound pollution and sound-proofing, development of sustainable energy or the creation of more advanced forms of artificial intelligence – all of these require a foundation in mechanical engineering.
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Reasons To Be A Mechanical Engineer


Everything That Moves

Mechanical engineering is the discipline behind all technology that moves and can be movied.


Revolutionary Engineering

Mechanical engineering revolutionized industry and was the first of the engineering disciplines to bring about automation.


Innovation Forever

Mechanical engineers keep innovating with new materials, methods and  machines that change the way the world operates.

Career Opportunities

Design & Manufacturing

Mechanical engineers work in the fields of design and manufacturing across every sector imaginable - automotive, energy, construction, aerospace, consumer goods, etc.

Production & Quality

Mechanical engineering continuously works towards establishing new production technologies and deriving enhanced quality and efficiency.


Mechanical engineers are constantly researching new materials and technologies that impact across all walks of life. Advances in the field have far reaching consequences into the future.
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