Department of

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics engineers work on solutions that enable mankind to communicate over vast distances with equipment that use extremely small amounts of power. The influence of electronics engineering is evident through the modern age from toys and consumer products to complex computing devices and global communication systems.
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Reasons To Be An Electronics Engineer


The Future Is Digital

The breakneck speed of innovation in technology has been enabled by the rapid advances in electronics & communications.


Flexibility & Freedom

Electronics engineers can switch between hardware and software fields with relative ease.



The demand for electronics engineers spans almost all industries. It's also one of the few core engineering disciplines that plays a role in modern medical technology, making it indispensable as a branch of study.

Career Opportunities


The onset of digital networking and communications has shrunk the world and made it easier for people to communicate across vast geographical distances like never before.


Imaging now impacts all spheres of life from simple photography to satellite imaging and remote sensing. Imaging hardware and software have become indispensable in today's world.


Electronics engineers are at the forefront of the development of efficient and effective devices which require a high degree of optimised programming.
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