Department of

Civil Engineering

Pursuing a degree in civil engineering will enable you to discover the extent to which civil engineers design, build, maintain, and expand the world around us.

Civil engineers play an important role in building bridges, satellites, dams, roads, tunnels, and the world’s most complex structures. Civil engineers design, construct, and manage the entire process, from development to occupancy.
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Reasons To Be A Civil Engineer


Civil Engineers Build The World

From houses to skyscrapers, roads to bridges and railways to airports, it's all done by the civil engineering industry.


Their Work Stands & Speaks Forever

Looking around, everything you see has a civil engineer's name written on it in one way or another.


It's A Uniquely Creative Field Like No Other

Civil engineers use their knowledge and abilities to build unique solutions to common challenges.

Career Opportunities

Public Sector

Prepare for entering government sector through central and state public service exams like UPSC.

Private Sector

Enter the private sector companies in India and abroad in industries ranging from real estate development to infrastructure or start your own venture.

Research & Development

Those interested in higher studies can acquire additional knowledge, degrees and work in the development of new technologies as well teach and train the next generation of civil engineers.
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