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Computer Science & Engineering (Cyber Security + IoT + Blockchain Technology)

The study of cybersecurity involves the protection of computer systems and networks from unauthorized access, theft, damage or attack.

Internet of Things (IoT) focuses on the interconnection of physical devices, objects and machines with the internet.

Blockchain technology refers to the distributed ledger technology that enables secure, transparent and tamper-proof record-keeping of digital transactions.
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Reasons To Be A Computer Science Engineer


High Demand For Skilled Professionals

With the increasing reliance on technology in all areas of life, there is a growing need for cybersecurity experts, IoT developers, and blockchain specialists. Studying these fields as an undergraduate student will prepare you for a potentially lucrative career path in a high-growth industry.


Tackling Complex Problems

Cybersecurity, IoT, and blockchain technology are complex and ever-evolving fields that require critical thinking and problem-solving skills. By studying these fields, you'll learn how to tackle complex problems, analyze data, and develop innovative solutions.


Relevant In Many Industries

The knowledge and skills gained from studying cybersecurity, IoT, and blockchain technology can be applied to a wide range of industries, including finance, healthcare, government, and more. By studying these fields, you'll be equipped to work in a variety of industries and make a real-world impact.

Career Opportunities

Cyber Security Analyst

A cybersecurity analyst is responsible for identifying and preventing cyber threats to computer systems and networks. They use a variety of tools and techniques to monitor networks for potential threats, investigate security breaches, and implement security measures to protect against future attacks.

IoT Solutions Architect

An IoT solutions architect is responsible for designing and implementing IoT systems and applications. They work with cross-functional teams to define requirements, design solutions, and oversee the deployment of IoT devices and applications.

Blockchain Developer

A blockchain developer is responsible for designing and building blockchain-based applications and smart contracts. They work on blockchain platforms such as Ethereum or Hyperledger Fabric, and use programming languages such as Solidity or Golang to build decentralized applications. They may also work on developing blockchain protocols, improving blockchain performance, or creating new blockchain-based solutions for a variety of industries.
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