12 May 2021

Low Cost Portable Oxygen Concentrator Design by Providence

Given the need of the hour across the nation, Providence College of Engineering has designed a low cost portable oxygen concentrator that can be assembled using readily available parts and using simple technology.

Principal, Dr. Santhosh Simon, the brains behind the project developed this as the nation veers on the brink of acute oxygen shortage. Given that large scale manufacture and distribution of oxygen concentrators may take time to reach those in need, Dr. Simon developed a design that can be assembled easily by anyone with easily available parts and some simple technical skills.

On being made aware of this, Kerala Additional Chief Secretary Shri TK Jose immediately sprung into action and convened an online meeting of principals of colleges across the state, along with representatives from various government departments, the APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University and the Kerala Startup Mission. The meeting was an opportunity for Dr. Simon to present the concept.

At Shri Jose' recommendation, Dr. Vineesh Panicker (District Deputy Medical Officer, Alappuzha), Mrs. Jino Punnoose (Tehsildar, Chengannur), Er. Kannan M (Technical Officer, Directorate of Technical Education) and Mr. Jyothish (Biomedical Engineer, Kerala Health Service) visited the Providence campus to inspect the device.

The device has garnered a lot of attention from far and wide and Providence is working with various entities in the government, semi-government and private sectors to implement schemes to make this easily available to the wider public.

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